In June 1946, Stocky married a nurse named Norma Alice Thatcher.  The newlyweds were planning a move to Toronto so that Stocky could attend Staff College.  However, just before the move he broke his leg in two places, sliding into third base in an air force baseball game.  When Stocky finished the course, he learned to his shock and disgust that he was to be posted to the RCAF station at Trenton, to tow drogues at a gunnery school.  Again he protested strongly. This time, a decision by the Canadian government came to his rescue. The RCAF was to buy 100 Vampire jets, and they would need fighter pilots to fly them and instruct other pilots.  Stocky’s skills were once more in demand. He became one of Canada’s first jet pilots in 1947. Soon he was the commanding officer of a base in St Hubert, Quebec (near Montreal). There he was able to train pilots in auxiliary squadrons 438 and 401 on Vampire jets.

Adapted from:  Hehner, Barbara. Desert Hawk: The True Story of Stocky Edwards, World War II Flying Ace (Kindle Locations 59-61). HarperCollins Canada. Kindle Edition.